1) Why is our fried ice cream different from other variations and why is it better?

Our fried ice cream doesn't involve the process of dipping our ice cream in raw ingredients like milk and egg. Other countries such as Mexico, China, India, Japan and more all involve coating the ice cream in egg before frying. T's Fried Scoop has created a method, whereby we don't need to do that. Our fried ice cream tastes way better as our formula makes every ice cream fried, consistent. In addition, the texture is more satisfying. Think of a crispy doughnut with the texture of a waffle in the inside and then cold ice cream in the centre.

2) What kind of company is T's Fried Scoop?

We are a kind, eco-conscious, fun, kawaii-inspired and family-friendly company! 💙

3) Do you do vegan flavours?

Yes! They are off menu items, so just ask in-store! Usually our Vanilla and Apple Crumble are Vegan. All our coatings and sauces are vegan! 🌱

4) Are you gluten-free?

Nope 😔Our Ice cream and secret dough are all gluten free! However, the coatings are not. If you can tolerate half a biscuit, then you are consuiming at your own risk. If you cannot tolerate gluten at all, it's probably better you don't take the risk.

5) How many calories is it?

Under 380kcal! 😲

6) Can I just have ice cream?

Sadly... no. We are fried ice cream, a dessert, not an ordianry ice cream store. Our ice creams are already pre-wrapped. 🍨

7) Can I have a sample of the ice cream or the fried ice cream? 

The ice cream is already pre-wrapped in its dough form, so you cannot taste the ice cream on its own. We can't do samples of the fried ice cream, as it will melt. 🥄

8) Will it be oily? 🍳

Absolutely not! We flash fry the ice cream at a very high temperature, so the oil just helps cook and crisps up the ice cream. Oil is not absorbed in the product.

9) Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are! Have a look at our ethics page and see how we help the environment. https://www.tsfriedscoop.com/pages/company-ethics 🌍

10) Are you Kosher/Halal?

Yes, we are 😊

11) How does it not melt?

Can't tell you that, trade secrets 😉

12) Can I make it?

You can try, but there is no garuntee yours will taste as good as ours 😏